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No one wants an employee
to get injured on the job,
but it happens.

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How this coverage protects you

Workers’ Comp insur­ance pro­tects you and offers finan­cial sup­port to employ­ees who are injured while on the job or who suf­fer from work-related ill­nesses.

Our ANCO agents are well versed and expe­ri­enced in Workers’ Comp insur­ance. We can dis­cuss with you the ben­e­fits of choos­ing insur­ance through a pri­vate insur­ance car­rier ver­sus self-insurance. We can also provide infor­ma­tion about how your busi­ness could be affected if you choose not to carry Workers’ Compensation insur­ance. Rest assured that our goal is to provide you with all the infor­ma­tion you need to make the most informed deci­sions for you and your busi­ness.

Workers' Compensation

  • A new employee was helping in the back of your store with inventory. He picked up a box from the floor and turned to place it on a shelf.
  • He inadvertently twisted his back, and now is having spasms requiring medical care. Plus, he will be out of work for at least a week or more.

While not all businesses are required by the Texas Workers’ Compensation Act to carry Workers’ Compensation insurance, having this coverage provides key financial protections for you, including:

Liability Protection

The most important reasons to carry Workers’ Comp insurance are to take care of your employees if they are injured and to limit the amount of damages your business could suffer if you are sued.

Other vital workers' comp coverages include:

Lost Wages

Workers’ Comp insurance pays partial lost wages if an employee misses more than seven work days due to his or her illness or injury.

Medical Bills

As long as an employee’s illness or injury meets state definitions, your Workers’ Comp coverage will pay for related medical treatment.