Texas Retail Insurance

A Business Owners policy is the cornerstone of coverage for retail business owners.

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How this coverage protects you

This kind of pol­icy offers impor­tant dual cov­er­ages for your busi­ness, General Liability and Property insur­ance. Combining the two saves you money and pro­vides vital pro­tec­tion for your busi­ness.

General Liability

  • A washing machine over agitates and actually explodes due to a defect, injuring a homeowner. The appliance store that sold the washer could face a lawsuit, along with the manufacturer.
  • In the produce section of a local grocery store, the floor is slick. A shopper takes a tumble and is hurt. The store is sued.

It’s an unfortunate reality that lawsuits happen today more than ever, and the above are all-too-common examples of what can occur. General Liability protects your business assets when you, your employees or the products you sell cause damage to someone.

If you are sued, General Liability protection covers the cost of your legal defense. If you are found liable for the injury, it also pays for the settlement or award. Product liability insurance also covers you for financial loss resulting from a product defect that causes property damage or bodily harm to the public.

In addition, General Liability protects you as a tenant if you are responsible for a fire in the space you rent. General Liability also provides coverage to defend you and pay any settlements if you are accused of false or misleading advertisements (for example, libel, slander or copyright infringement) General Liability will provide coverage to defend you and pay any settlements.


  • Thieves shatter the front windows of a retail clothing store. In only seconds, they steal high-end handbags, worth thousands of dollars, and flee before security arrives.

This certainly is an instance where property insurance proves its value. Besides theft, Property insurance protects your business from other dire events such as:

  • Fire
  • Hail
  • Windstorm
  • Vandalism
  • Loss and damage to the building and contents (if you own your own building)
  • If you rent, your inventory, contents and tenants improvements are covered.

Other vital property coverages include:

Loss of Business Income

This protects you if a covered property damage claim (like not being able to open due to a fire) shuts down your business. Loss of Business Income coverage pays your expenses that continue even though you are closed as well as your lost profits. Does your business depend on another business? ASK US about third party business income.

Crime Insurance

One top manager says it’s not if employees will steal; it’s how much. Though that may be cynical, theft by employees is the single largest cause of loss according to the US Retail Fraud Survey (nrf.com/news/heads) Crime insurance covers losses caused by forgery, robbery, burglary and employee dishonesty.